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Raaberg PT OÜ offers a conveniently wide and flexible range of services for private and business customers who need to have their living space and business premises cleaned.

  • maintenance cleaning
- cleaning of living space (apartments and houses)
- cleaning of offices, production and storage facilities
Maintenance cleaning of offices and other rooms: this contractual service of daily cleaning means that our dedicated attendant will be cleaning your rooms at agreed times, volumes and conditions. The task of the cleaning attendant is to keep your rooms clean on a regular basis. The service can be arranged on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, just as often as you need it.
  • standby cleaning
Standby cleaning is a regular (daily) cleaning service similar to maintenance cleaning, with our dedicated attendant cleaning your rooms at agreed times, volumes and conditions. Daily standby cleaning is usually better than just maintenance cleaning in rooms through which many people keep walking (for instance: shopping centres, hotel lobbies). Our cleaning attendant remains at the site during the whole working day, promptly removing dirt as it appears.
  • home cleaning
Our home cleaning service is perfect for those who live in the fast lane and value quality time spent with their families. We have many years of experience in cleaning services. Your home will always be cleaned by the same dedicated attendant specialising in home cleaning. We approach home cleaning very seriously indeed and vouch for the trustworthiness and professional qualifications of our cleaning attendants. Our home cleaning service is reliable, high-quality and environmentally friendly.
  • special cleaning work
window washing;
rug cleaning;
soft and leather furniture cleaning;
maintenance of hard floors:
profound washing and waxing of PVC and linoleum floors;
oiling of wooden and parquet floors;
profound washing and impregnation of stone and concrete floors;
major cleaning of business premises and living space;
major cleaning of sites after completion of construction work.